FAQs Covid-19

Overcoming  business incompetence to perform - the future is bright and could be just around the corner. I believe that by absolutely and fully complying with federal and state laws during this current pandemic, we will be all better off for doing this. TREA's policy is to follow guidelines for interacting with other persons by implementing safety procedures within these laws; In addition we will require written information to be disclosed by buyers that importantly relate to self isolation, recent travel history and contact with other persons infected with the Covid-19 virus. This will be asked for before any private inspection. When compliant we will do private inspections of no more than two people implementing the advised safety precautions. No open homes or public auctions are allowed.

At this stage it’s obvious that the elderly are more exposed to Covid-19 and are big percentage of my client base. If any help is wanted or needed for our elderly people to help keep them in isolation then we should be doing our bit! Relatives and friends of the elderly we can all help now! One way is by offering collection and drop off of any necessities that are needed? If you are an elderly person or know of an elderly person in central Gold Coast, do not expose them to any risk of this virus - we are here to help as much as possible. Please SMS or call Paul on 0468546739 for pick up and drop off of any necessities.

Realestate FAQs - Covid-19