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Avoid disappointment - We have a Plan

When you sign a listing agreement you are entering into a professional relationship. We negotiate and sell property. You choose the costs, advertising and level of service you want or we recommend a plan based on your own objectives when selling - its your choice.

Beware not all agents are the same. Do your research to protect your interests, we are here to help, by using this 10 point checklist for selecting your agent

Setting the Stage

Get the presentation right! you have access to a complete range of up to date soft/hard furnishings for staging the sale.

Doing this will add value when wanting to achieve the best possible price. Do this yourself or we can customise to suit your budget. We offer free on site industry professional interior design advise when selling and written fixed quotes, we believe maximising the sale price is your priority.

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Relax your investment is in good hands.

Quarterly reports on your property that include maintenance, periodic inspections and recommendations for improvements to maximise return on you investment.

We offer ‘property care services’ to tenant and landlords, 24/7 portal access for your property rental history including total income and payments for all expenses. Personalised service for every tenant and landlord with a dedicated property manager managing a maximin of 45 properties. We are contactable when you need us and proactive. Keep you updated with recent property sales and rental returns in your area.

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Thinking about selling in the future and want to get an idea of what your home might be worth in the current market? Request a complimentary quarterly market report. This will detail recent sales within your area to help you place your home’s current value. Then, when you’re ready to sell, call us for a complimentary onsite appraisal and an up-to-date market report.

Quality advertising
and marketing

Quality advertising and marketing is paramount to secure the best price for your property. We only engage qualified professionals and trusted suppliers to undertake these vital aspects of the selling process. Depending on your personal objectives and drawing on our expertise, we’ll recommend photographers, cinematographers, staging consultants, graphic designers, editors and public relations consultants to help you achieve your goal.


Certified EnviroDevelopment Professionals, we can help guide you in preparing your home for sale where renovations or alterations may be needed. We can also assist in the certification process for new and existing developments, buildings, residential and commercial property ventures—offering an unparalleled opportunity to shape the direction of sustainable building practices. Learn more about this here.

Other Professionals

We have an extensive network of preferred professionals to assist with:

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